Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The W’s Holidays 2019

In collaboration with Lindsay Parks Photography, I am happy to share the W's latest photo series, Home for the Holiday!

Over the last 15years, Lindsay Parks has beautifully captured our favorite family memories. With each passing year, unique photo ideas require more creative planning than the year before. This year, I decided to make our Christmas photos a bit easier on our children and set up a home Holiday shoot. Usually there are many tears and screaming during our Holiday shoot, most coming from my end. Now that I am more accepting of my creative limitations, our family could just relax and feel at home! This was clearly the best decision and I absolutely adore the photo results! I even love the grumpy faces in this series! They are truly priceless photos that capture my four little hearts and their many personalities Hope you enjoy our latest collaborative effort and thanks again to Lindsay Parks for her amazing talent and patience. 

My look:
Dress: Marchesa Notte