Thursday, October 31, 2013

B is for the Birds and the Bees

Hosting and creating parties are somewhat of my specialty and baby showers are one of my favorites. My own baby showers were nothing short of magical, and now that I am pregnant with my second child and already having aquired all the baby gear, I will have to wistfully sit this time out. On the other hand, planning friends baby showers are incredibly joyful, especially when you are throwing one for your best friend who just so happens to be fabulous! Whether I am hosting a dinner or planning a themed party, the attention to detail is what always creates a successful event. The details in this baby shower were so playful and whimsical, from the bee theme down to the play on the letter B. B is for the Birds and Bees and Baby Eve was the theme of this unique and beautiful shower. Everything served for dinner (braised tenderloins, baby shrimp scampi), and even the drinks began with the letter B. Bellini's were served to guests as they sipped on water out of colored baby bottles. The mother to be is quite a foodie, so I hired a dear friend who happens to be an incredible chef to cater the event and together they came up with a dinner menu that left every guest speechless. The gourmet Nutella filled vanilla cupcakes were made to resemble flowers and even had marzipan bees handmade on top. The Birds and Bees baby shower theme, played on everything with the letter B which made for a one of a kind shower experience and hopefully left the mommy to be with unforgettable memories.

The bright floral centerpieces were chosen to complement our B sunny theme.

Handmade marzipan bees on these delicious iced gourmet cupcakes. Dinner menu appetizers were polenta, shrimp scampi, and crab cakes. The main course featured braised tenderloin, homemade truffle mac and cheese, and a mescaline salad.. Desserts were flower-shaped Nutella filled vanilla gourmet cupcakes. Cupcakes and event catered by Lillian Monroe.

Beautifully wrapped Pottery Barn frames were placed in front of each place setting and given to each guest as a gift in honor of the mommy to be who happens to be a photographer. A memorable gift that each guest will surely enjoy!

I created this one of a kind artwork to be framed next to the candy and personalized bags on the dessert table. Always frame a sign or the event invitation and place on a coordinating table for a personalized look that guests are sure to notice.

Personalized bags that were individually hand drawn but any design can be printed and pasted on gift bags as an easy alternative. Take home gift bags are always a nice touch and guests certainly don't mind going home with an armful of goodies!

The candy dessert table featuring all candies that began with the letter B.

Mommy to be and one of my dearest friends!

I hosted the B themed dinner baby shower at my previous home on what turned out to be a lovely evening. Photos by Lindsay Parks Photography.


  1. I love your peraonal touches, e.g, hand painted artwork, homemade marzipan bees, etc. Very pretty and not at all generic, as so often seen at baby showers!

  2. Amazing!!! Love every detail.