Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY XO Door Hanger

This weekend I decided to break from painting my collection show and try a festive Valentine's DIY. I love Valentine's Day, not the Hallmark commercialism but the simple act of showing love. This sweet and sparkly 'XO' DIY is the perfect way of adding love into any space. It's super easy to make and would be really fun to craft with your favorite girlfriends, heart-shaped desserts, and a bottle of champagne! Below are the steps for this adorable DIY.

Materials needed:
* cardboard 'X' and 'O' (check out your local craft store)
* pink and gold acrylic paint
* paintbrush
* pale pink ribbon 
* hot glue gun

{Step 1.}

{Step 2.}

{Step 3.}

{Step 4.}

{Step 5.}


1. Prepare your workspace with newsprint or craft paper.

2. Paint your X gold and your O pink using 2-4 coats on each letter.

3. Once your painting is complete and dry, glue your X on top of the O using your hot glue gun.

4. Flip your letters over and attach a piece of ribbon measuring 22 inches to the top of each side using your glue gun.

5. You could also hang on furniture to accent your decor or you could simply hang on any doorknob.

Hope this inspires your own crafting DIY.


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