Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring To-Do List

Now that spring is upon us I thought I'd put together the ultimate to-do list for an unforgettable spring season. This year I'm looking forward to new beginnings and welcoming spring with open arms! My list would include....

Lazy Saturdays on the Beach
Spring clean closet
Arrange beautiful flowers in my home
Try a new lip color
Plan a picnic with girlfriends
Visit my local farmer's market 
Enjoy scalloped edges and crop tops
Enjoy a glass of wine with a new book
Take a family road trip
Try a new cooking recipe
Walk boardwalk with baby and friends
Donate unloved clothes
Paint Moon Guy
Splurge on a new sundress
Dye Easter eggs with my boys 
Visit Mickey Mouse 

What would be on your spring to-do list?


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