Sunday, June 8, 2014


This weekend we celebrated our 4th year of beachside living with a charity beach volleyball tournament in our backyard. Seems like a lifetime ago that my husband and I decided that since YOLO (you only live once), we would sell our house and move to the beach. That fateful decision has spawned our family's biggest moments, from expecting our first child, wonderful family holidays, beautiful baby showers, vacation destination for our favorite people, family photo-shoots, endless walks on the beach, and now the arrival of our latest addition baby Emory! With that said, my all time favorite moment happened as I arrived home from the hospital with my first son, Easton. When I  saw my parents excitedly waiting with tears in their eyes to meet their grandson, my heart finally understood my parent's unconditional love. Since the passing of my beloved father, I am forever thankful for this incredible memory. At some point our family's oceanside living will come to a close but I will always be grateful for our YOLO beach journey and the little moments in time that created my thankful heart.


What moments are you most thankful for?

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