Thursday, August 21, 2014

Field of Dreams

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month (NBM), I am happy to share my Field Of Dreams family photo-shoot which encourages the importance of long term breastfeeding. I passionately believe that choosing to breastfeed provides mothers and babies with countless benefits that extend well past a year old. Besides the fact that breast milk is the perfect food for babies (not all of the nutrients can even be synthesized in formula), breastfed babies are also less likely to get sick or suffer from SIDS. Breastfeeding for two years also reduces your risk of breast cancer by almost 66 percent. On a lighter note breastfeeding helps mommies get back into pre-pregnancy shape much quicker. 

Besides the benefits, I have really enjoyed the closeness brought on through nursing my children. I have never felt closer to anything than I did with my babies during this formidable time.  I feel so in-sync with their needs during this period and can intuitively anticipate hunger, tiredness, and indigestion. My favorite nursing moments are morning baby snuggles, feeling their baby breath, and listening to sweet baby coos.

Since this photo-shoot was shot four months after the passing of my father, we chose to celebrate Easton's first birthday photos in a field near my father's beloved home. These pictures honor my father's legacy and celebrate his roots. Posing for the sweet mother-son picture grew out of a very organic moment. During the photo-shoot, Easton wanted to eat and we decided to continue shooting because there is no purer representation of my real life. Thank you to the amazing Lindsay Parks of Lindsay Parks Photography who captured Easton's first birthday in this picturesque setting and created our family's unforgettable printed memories.

For the look of the photo-shoot, I wanted a bohemian style that could easily blend into a rustic landscape. My Free People crochet dress was the perfect mix with the country setting and my flower child at heart. Thank you for all your support and following.


dress: Free People (old, similar)

Easton's outfit: BabyGap (old, similar)

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