Friday, February 12, 2016

Minion Valentine DIY!

This week for my son's classroom Valentine's treats, I created this adorable Minion Twinkie DIY! And since the minions are a favorite in my house, it's a fun craft also for the kiddos!
Materials needed:
Blue and Black construction paper
Aluminum foil 
Googly eyes
Glue gun 

I began with cutting out the a blue rectangle to represent the minions overalls. Next, I cut out a black strip of paper to mimic their googles. I used my hot glue gun on both the blue and black cut outs to attach one side of the construction paper to the other. You could use tape but I find a glue gun always holds and looks better.

Next, I cut out small circle of aluminum foil and attached it to the black strip with my glue gun. I then glued on googly eyes on top of foil.

Lastly, I cut out a stencil heart and stamped a sweet message.

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