Friday, May 13, 2016

Hello World: Little Darlings

Hello World! The countdown is finally over! We welcomed our sweet, identical twins Auden Garland Worsham and Ashby Gant Worsham on Friday, May 6 at 3:42 pm. In a rare twist, both babies were actually born 10 seconds apart within the same minute.

Both babies arrived healthy and happy and were received by open arms from their older brothers. We went in the hospital with two boys and came out with four boys under 5 years old! All of the angst and anxiety about handling this situation was immediately replaced with joy and gratitude toward the healthy baby boys we were blessed with. 

The enthusiasm of our older boys has been overwhelming. At first they were feeling a little confused and needing some special attention. But after a little while they were very excited to participate in the feeding and care of these babies. 

Thanks to the overwhelming support from my family and friends over the past weeks and months!

After looking through all of these amazing birth-documentary photos, I am so incredibly thankful to my best friend Lindsay Parks for beautifully capturing the biggest moments of my life. We love you so much!

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