Friday, September 12, 2014

Art Fun Friday

  Happy Art Fun Friday everyone! Today, One Wish Two Sparkle is featuring a children's DIY watercolor card, a unique art activity that inspires imagination on even the hottest summer days. This DIY can be a fun weekly activity that encourages motor skills, sensory exploration, and color mixing. As an artist and former art teacher, I believe that every child has a yearn to ceate through visual expression. Kids of all ages from toddler to teenager will enjoy this artistic DIY. Mommies can join the fun or simply take this opportunity to sip your coffee and relax. Kudos to Starbucks for my daily survival.These days, some of my treasured moments are spent sitting and painting with my three year old son.

Materials can be gathered at your local craft store:
Watercolor set and paintbrush
Watercolor or creative blank cards

When beginning your child's watercolor DIY, it's best to lay out all materials on top of either newsprint or some type of protective paper. Next, you will lightly demonstrate how to add water to paintbrush and mix colors. Show your child how fun it is to make new colors. Then, demostrate how to loosely brush the card with organic lines and shapes. Now they are ready to paint and create! Usually my son will request a stencil heart but lately he begins his blank card with just his trusty paintbrush. A good reminder when children are painting is the importance of negative space. Not all of the card needs to be saturated with watercolor. I always encourage Easton to stop painting when he feels finished. After the painting is done the next step is to lay out the card to dry. After dry if you like, you can add extra details with star, circle, or heart crystals.

Collecting cards is somewhat of a hobby of mine, even my craft table has an organized card drawer. I always prefer handmade cards to give and to receive and, without a doubt, your child's personal artwork DIY will make it's way to the heart and mantle of your favorite people. This summer, many loved ones received Easton's loosely brushed watercolor cards on birthdays and thank you occasions.


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