Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stripes and Lace, Oh My!

Prior to having children, my husband would have likely whisked me away for an all inclusive resort weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Life has definitely changed. Instead of a weekend away, today we took a car ride to Lion Country Safari with both our babies. Although it may sound less exotic, seeing the excitement on Easton's face was priceless during our safari ride as the zebras, ostriches, gazelles, giraffes, and rhinos moved about us as if we were a part of the landscape. The herd of zebras blocking the path felt truly authentic as we were lost in a sea of stripes. The whole family in the front seats of the car made for a great family selfie with our newest addition. 

For our safari adventure, I am wearing my new lace romper from LF. Check out LF in Boca Raton this week where everything is 60% off. This lace romper is fun and sexy with a BoHo vibe that's also practical for a nursing mother. LF boutique has a unique selection that feels fresh, young, and fun, but be prepared for sifting through adorable dresses and rompers throughout the store. My fav fashion treasure find was a pair of vintage hand-customized Levi's denim cut-offs. The large inventory will bring this mama back again this weekend!


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